Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Keep your home cool with a fully installed ducted evaporative cooling system from Celsius Air. Well suited for West Australian summers which are hot dry. This can be used for homes and warehouses, ducted evaporative air conditioning are especially suited to the Perth area. These units provides 100% fresh air into rooms.

Unlike refrigerated ducted air conditioning systems where air is dried, chilled and recirculated, a ducted evaporative air conditioning system uses the natural element of water to cool the air which is never re-circulated, as stale air is continually expelled through open doors and windows.

Evaporative Air Conditioner

Fresh air is drawn through water laden filter pads in the evaporative air conditioner and then via ducting in your roof space the cool fresh air is pumped into your home. Windows can be left open so hot air can be expelled, this maximizes the efficiency of the evaporative cooling unit.

The system is environmentally friendly as it uses no CFC’s and very little power!

The evaporative air conditioner unit provides a 10 degrees drop in temperature even on the hottest days provided the unit has been designed correctly and installed by qualified technicians.

Some of the advantages of ducted evaporative cooling are

  • Lowest operating costs of any comparable system
  • Economical purchase and installation costs
  • Advanced system management that minimizes power and water usage

Ducted Evaporative Cooling Brands offered

  • Bonaire
  • Brivis
  • Breamar
  • Breezair