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Save BIG on Your Power Bill, With Celsius Air Servicing and Maintenance

Want to know how to DECREASE your power bill by as much as 15%?
And what about reduce the risk major repairs?

And even ensure the air you breath does NOT contain any dangerous mould spoors, odour and bacteria?

Simple answer…

Regular servicing and maintenance of your air conditioning unit!

At Celsius Air, we specialise in expert air conditioning maintenance and servicing for residential and commercial split-system, ducted air and evaporative cooling systems.

Whether your existing air conditioning system needs a little TLC, or you just need regular maintenance for your brand new air conditioner, Celsius Air’s expert technicians can provide the solution.

A few questions to consider…

Does an air conditioner really need regular servicing?

The answer is YES!!

Allow us to explain. You probably get your car air conditioner serviced at regular intervals, right? Well, it’s the same with your home or office unit.

You see, many people only consider the upfront costs when purchasing an air conditioning unit…. which is a HUGE mistake!

Something as simple as blocked filters can see the air running “warm”. What happens? You turn the fan speed up. All this achieve is a system working too hard which can lead to a burnt out motor.

It’s all about efficiency of operation so servicing your air conditioning unit is the only sustainable way to keep your costs down while pumping out cool, clean, fresh air.

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioning System Serviced?

Depending on type, size and frequency of use, domestic systems may require servicing as little as once a year. For smaller split-system units they can even last up to two years between services.

Commercial systems are normally recommended to be serviced twice yearly, again depending on the system and frequency of use.

Whatever the case, the friendly specialists at Celsius Air will be able to recommend the frequency of servicing best suited to your system.

Why Choose Celsius Air for your servicing and repair needs?

Celsius Air are regarded as Perth’s leading energy experts, trained to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible.

While some services just focus on basic cleaning and repairs, Celsius Air goes a step further to ensure you get the most out of your system at the cheapest possible cost to you.

Plus, you want someone who knows your system inside out. When we supply and install your air conditioning system,
we can incorporate servicing into our recommendations and ensure it’s suited to your budget.
So what are you waiting for?

7 Great Reasons Why Perth Locals Choose Celsius Air

Great Reason #1

So you know exactly what you’re getting, at what price, before you give us the job.

Great Reason #2

Because you need your air conditioning as soon as possible,
at a budget that works for you, and we respect that!

Great Reason #3

You want someone you can trust, with decades of experience,
the latest technologies, and proper accreditations
behind them.

Great Reason #4

No one wants to see their power bill skyrocket!
We focus on energy-efficient options for the
long-term, not just the upfront costs.

Great Reason #5

Let’s face it, high energy consumption doesn’t just
cost you, it also costs the planet!

Great Reason #6

For the ultimate in satisfaction, we’re the only
Perth air conditioning company to offer a “24/7
Total Machine Replacement and Labour 10 Year
100% Satisfaction Guarantee”.

Great Reason #7

We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. Rather, we
personalise our recommendations to your
specific needs.

Purchase With Confidence Thanks to our Industry-Leading Guarantee…

Celsius Air Industry Leading 24/7 Total Machine Replacement and Labour 10 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

How it works:

10 years… are you serious!

Absolutely! Celsius Air supplies and installs only high quality air conditioning systems installed to our exacting standards.

And because of this we’re so confident you’ll love your new air conditioning that we offer you a full “24/7 Total Machine and Labour Replacement 10-year Satisfaction Guarantee”.

This means, providing you get your machine serviced once per year, if ever it breaks down, no matter what time of day or night (even if it’s Christmas Day)… all you have to do is call us and we’ll be there to fix it for you.

If it can’t be repaired, we’ll even rip it out for you and install a new one at no cost to you.

How’s that for confidence!

No one in the industry dares match our guarantee! It’s just one more reason why we’re considered Perth’s #1 choice for cooling systems!

Home and Business Owners
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Annete de Rooy, Connoly

“From the time I contacted Celsius Air up to the time the air conditioning system was installed – the experience has been breathtaking. As a single mother I wanted someone who I could trust and who I felt actually cared.

Other companies came through the house but only seemed to be interested in the sale. Celsius Air on the other hand made me feel comfortable and safe.

Their pricing was fair and the entire process of installation was extremely professional. My house was left just as it was found and I was blown away by the details given at handover.”

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Adam & Michelle Trainer, Morley

“We would like to express our extreme satisfaction for all the hard work put forth by Stan and his team during the Reverse Cycle

Air Conditioning project for our family home. The process was well organised, with extra consideration given for fast installation.

We even received an upgrade at no extra cost which enabled us to complete the project within budget.

We would definitely use Celsius Air for any future projects and would personally recommend them to anyone that requires air conditioning.”

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Marco Pierazozoli, Seville Grove

“Celsius Air came out to look at my faulty wall split unit. They were very professional and explained it would be cheaper to replace the unit then to repair.

They quoted me quickly and competitively – updating me throughout the entire process.

The job was delivered and installed on time without delay or complication. The house was left tidy, and the aircon is running smoothly.

I’d definitely use Celsius Air again!”

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